… and most importantly, wishing you good health

Coming up with the idea for the best Christmas present is sometimes a challenge in itself. Particularly if it is meant to be for your loved ones, the ones that you care about the most. After all, that is why we wish them happiness, joy, satisfaction and health in the new year. But you can help them a little to make these wishes come true. For example, by giving them something that will support their dreams. And maybe it's easier than it seems ...

Time spent together

The joy becomes doubled when it is shared. And when it takes the form of experiential gifts, it’s even more amplified. Gourmets will certainly appreciate dinner in a luxury establishment, on a boat or in a wine cellar. Adrenaline and sports fans will certainly welcome tickets for escape games or horse riding (or in non-traditional means of transport). Nature lovers will be thrilled by farm trips or walks in forest parks, botanical and zoological gardens. Those who would not have a word said against culture will certainly enjoy a season theatre ticket or a ticket for some concert. You can also have fun at home, there is nothing easier than buying a set of board games. You can also pamper your loved ones by buying wellness treatments, spa vouchers and other accommodation facilities. But most importantly – you can spend all the above activities together.

Help as a gift

Have you ever experienced that family members, when asked what they wished for Christmas, said to you: I don’t need anything? It is a situation that can get into trouble, but with a little exaggeration, this desire can be fulfilled and at the same time support those who need it. It doesn’t matter if you send money to charity, visit a dog or cat shelter (where they will enjoy every blanket, quality granules and cans, disposable pads or towels), or give something to grandmothers and grandfathers in homes for the elderly. Many organizations also publish their own calendars each year, which you can then use as a gift. Every help counts. And if you get a good certificate together with a good feeling, you can then pack it and hide it among other packages. Don’t forget the city’s birds and the animals that live in the forest. Take a pleasant walk through the winter landscape and bring apples or carrots to the feeders.

Christmas is a holiday when we meet our loved ones more intensively than ever before. However, there are also children in the world who were forcibly removed from the family circle. And that’s why the company O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad) was established in 2013. . Its goal is the rescue and aftercare of children who have been forcibly taken away from their families and become victims of child trafficking. If you choose some of the BoraTree products as a gift, you will help them too – because we send 3% of our profits to the foundation so that the children can return to their families and be able to live a full life. Thank you!

The most valuable gift

It is said that health cannot be bought. That is true, but what we can do is also to boost our health and immunity. Whether you are looking for an original and valuable gift for a partner, your parents or grandparents, friends or even employees or colleagues, you cannot be mistaken if you choose BoraTree products. Actually, their presence under the Christmas tree is a must. They combine great taste with effective outcomes, thanks to the composition that we have developed in collaboration with doctors and nutritionists. It is up to you whether you choose products for regeneration or detox, active lifestyle, support of immunity, metabolism and digestive system or those that can positively affect the beauty of hair and skin. And if you are hesitant about which one to choose, one of the seven discounted packages may make your decision easier.

We believe that all the gifts you give out this year will make your family and friends happy.