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Our products contain only natural ingredients of the highest quality. Thanks to leading nutritional specialists and doctors, all mixtures are tailored to the human body and its needs. In perfect quantity and synergy.

100% organic
100% organic
High fibre
Soy free
Nutrition Expert Formulated
No artificial sweeteners
No artificial flavours
Gluten free
No preservatives
High protein
No added sugar

As close to the nature
as possible.

We believe that nature itself is the best healer. That is why you will only find premium products in organic quality in our store. We choose the ingredients carefully, making sure that they are certified, thoroughly tested and environmentally friendly.


Developed by experts, awarded by you
Organic Force
I always struggled to swallow various fitness smoothies and shakes, their taste was sometimes really disgusting. So I was looking for something better and I succeeded after all. I ordered the Organic Force package and it simply cannot compare with anything I had before. No need to push anything, I really like the blends, so after training I'm always looking forward to “my dose”.
Peter P.
Delivery was super fast, the prices seemed a bit higher to me, but if the product is worth it, why not?
Danielle S.
Bio bora
I have been eating healthy for a few years and what caught my eye was the ingredients in these blends. I tried the blends right away so that I could compare them and I have to say that they really surprised me with their taste and the fact that they are easy to digest. Thumb up!
Andrea L.
I am always cautious about what I eat and drink, I read the ingredients of practically all products and I didn’t see any red flags with these! So they are definitely yes for me and I will be happy to order more next time.
Christoph K.



Is it so that during the summer months you also prefer a light, tasty breakfast, full of fruit, which will satisfy your hunger quickly? Are you a lover of fruit that cannot be missed in your healthy and balanced diet?

8. 9. 2022

Christmas without fragrant vanilla, tasty cocoa, warm cinnamon and crunchy nuts? Can anyone imagine that? The most beautiful holidays of the year and tables full of goodies are simply inseparable. To make it easier to resist this sweet temptation, we dressed the oatmeal in a festive jacket and added a unique blend Bio bora Relish.

16. 12. 2021

Pancakes can be served for breakfast, lunch and dinner or whenever you feel like to indulge in something good. And it doesn't have to be just pancakes in a sweet way, as we will show you in a recipe that vegetarians can enjoy as well. The distinctive soft sheep's milk cheese called in Slovakia bryndza will zing the pancakes up and the wonderful aroma of fried onions will bring the result to perfection.

14. 12. 2021