Partnership (B2B)

Do you take nature into account in your business and are you interested in our organic certified products? Together, we can offer people premium quality nutritional supplements and give them the nutrients they need.

Reliable supplier of quality products

At BoraTree, we strive to promote a healthy lifestyle. That is why we are open to collaboration with companies that share our vision. Do you have an online or a brick-and-mortar store? We are happy to start collaboration with companies from around the world.

What we offer

You can rely on the quality ingredients of our products. The selection of ingredients is subject to demanding criteria and relevant standards, which we regularly review. All recipes are consulted with renowned nutritional specialists and we do not use any genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in the production.

Partnership Benefits

  • Higher product presentation on our social networks in your region – based on geolocation
  • XML output of products to import into your online store
  • Free customer service
  • Free printed materials (leaflets, brochures) to help you increase sales
  • Detailed product information for publication in your store
  • Product samples for potential customers
  • Professional photos of our products
  • Placement on the map of the sellers on the official website
  • We will be happy to arrange other specific requirements with you

Reach out to us

Do you want to sell quality nutritional supplements from superfoods in your store? Just fill out our contact form and we would be pleased to get back to you.

    We believe that you as well as your customers will be satisfied with our products. We are already looking forward to our collaboration.