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“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful,“ a confident quote once made by the beautiful Italian actress Sophia Loren. And she was right, charm goes hand in hand with self-perception. But how do you get the confidence you need to feel truly beautiful? The starting point is harmony and balance - because what you give your body will pay you back twice as much. Simply put, the appearance and our personal feeling, like the mirror, uncompromisingly reflect what is hidden inside

23. 11. 2021

You have probably heard that white chocolate is not actually chocolate, because it does not contain cacao. But what about individual superfoods? Do they still have anything to surprise us with? We have collected some interesting facts for you, that you have probably not encountered yet.

24. 2. 2021

We have already written about what superfoods are and why they are generally worth taking. In this article, we will focus on green superfoods, which have been popular for a long time because of their beneficial effects, and further research and experience with them only add to their popularity.

12. 1. 2021

Superfoods have been talked about for several years in connection with their impact on various oncological and other serious diseases. How do they affect cancer prevention and treatment? We present you an overview of research studies that deal with the impact of superfoods on the prevention and course of oncological diseases as well as their treatment.

10. 1. 2021

What do we notice first about the products? Most of us are mainly interested in the expiration date, sometimes the date of manufacture. However, few people read carefully what they actually buy and then consume. Many products look healthy, yet the opposite is true. So how do you know all about it?

6. 11. 2020

Surely, you've come across the term superfoods. Scientists mention them in their studies, nutritionists recommend them, and many people use them.

2. 9. 2020

Do you take any nutritional supplements during the year? Many people, especially during the autumn and winter, supply themselves with various vitamins and minerals to support immunity. But in which form should we use them to make it really good for our health?

2. 9. 2020