We support

Our long-term vision is to help others. Promoting a healthy lifestyle is our priority, but not the only goal.

In today’s interconnected world, we can do a lot more together than we think. That is also why we decided to work with an organization that we think deserves our as well as your help. It is an organization providing rescue and aftercare services to children who were forcibly taken from their families to become victims of child trafficking.

More about the company

Since its founding in 2013, O.U.R. (Operation Underground Railroad) has been working to rescue children who entered the cruel and unethical world of sexual abuse and trafficking.

People from this organization take care of both rescue and aftercare activities. In all acts and operations, they cooperate with law enforcement authorities around the world. This complex process includes finding children, rescuing them, their recovery and, of course, finding and sentencing the perpetrators.

For a safer life

Life should not be traded. That is also why we are happy to take part in the prevention, but also in saving young people and their subsequent integration into normal, safe life.

How you can help

It’s simple. By purchasing our products, you automatically contribute to victims of sexual abuse and victims of child trafficking. 3% of our profit goes to those who need it. So that children can return to their families and live a full life.