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Winter is associated with Christmas and choosing gifts for friends and loved ones. Here at Boratree we consider health to be one of the highest values, so we are very clear with our gift selection. And we are not the only ones. In today's hectic times, a healthy lifestyle is valued by more and more people.

29. 11. 2022

Coming up with the idea for the best Christmas present is sometimes a challenge in itself. Particularly if it is meant to be for your loved ones, the ones that you care about the most. After all, that is why we wish them happiness, joy, satisfaction and health in the new year. But you can help them a little to make these wishes come true. For example, by giving them something that will support their dreams. And maybe it's easier than it seems ...

10. 12. 2021

You have probably heard that white chocolate is not actually chocolate, because it does not contain cacao. But what about individual superfoods? Do they still have anything to surprise us with? We have collected some interesting facts for you, that you have probably not encountered yet.

24. 2. 2021

Do you take any nutritional supplements during the year? Many people, especially during the autumn and winter, supply themselves with various vitamins and minerals to support immunity. But in which form should we use them to make it really good for our health?

2. 9. 2020