Christmas gifts that will both please and help

Winter is associated with Christmas and choosing gifts for friends and loved ones. Here at Boratree we consider health to be one of the highest values, so we are very clear with our gift selection. And we are not the only ones. In today's hectic times, a healthy lifestyle is valued by more and more people.

Give your loved ones gifts whose effects will be appreciated by everyone. Whether you have sports enthusiasts among your friends and family, children who have a sweet tooth or parents who appreciate a boost to the body's defences, our superfood   supplements are for everyone.

For all to improve immunity and cleanse the body

On cold days, we often encounter weakened immunity. Fortunately, in gloomy weather with waning sunshine, we can combat this with a balanced intake of nutrients. If you have friends or family members who complain of frequent illnesses, our immunity support blends may be just the thing to help them. With a good dose of natural vitamins, antioxidants and amino acids, they are a real vitamin bomb. We've formulated them to provide the body with an essential ratio of nutrients in just one dose. In addition, many of the ingredients have powerful antioxidant effects and help the body to break down harmful substances more easily, thus naturally boosting immunity. A super bonus is also the significant reduction in winter fatigue when consumed regularly.

For all who want to live healthier

 Do you still remember your healthy lifestyle resolutions from last year? Only a few dozen days left and the New Year's resolutions are here again. We all know that even the dark days of winter, accompanied by fatigue and reduced motivation, can take a big chunk out of your resolve. What about taking it from the other side and supporting the body from the inside first?

If you have friends in your area who would like to live healthier, delight them with one of our digestive and metabolic support blends. Thanks to their high fibre content and essential nutrients, they will help the body's metabolism and ensure efficient absorption of nutrients from food. When consumed regularly, the pleasure of a well-functioning metabolism will quickly set in, which everyone will especially appreciate during the winter deficit of physical activity.

For all those who love sports and active life

Both active and leisure athletes should replenish their bodies with valuable nutrients on a more regular basis. Our blends for fitness and regeneration are the ideal source. They contain essential amino acids and high amounts of protein, which help in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, as well as in the regeneration of tissues and muscles after strenuous physical exercise. Delight sport and active life lovers with them. With their ingeniously composed composition, they will bring maximum effect in overcoming your own limits.

Really for everyone

 When we make our mixes, we think about the fact that everyone can enjoy them, no matter what. Thanks to the uncompromising 100% organic, organic ingredients without artificial sweeteners, gluten and lactose, our products are also a great gift for vegans, vegetarians, people with sensitive stomachs, people with lactose and gluten intolerance, as well as for children and adults who like to snack on "healthy" sweets. Thanks to their delicious taste, your loved ones can also use them to prepare refreshing drinks, smoothies and imaginative snacks.

Now also in discounted packs

We are aware that choosing the most suitable Christmas gift from our offer is not always easy, so we have put together packages with a wide range of effects at a discounted price. Believe us, choosing a gift that will both delight and help is truly a joy. 🙂