Dano Junas revealed how the endurance accelerator worked and why he likes superfoods

The latest podcast of actor, moderator, singer and composer Dano Junas will draw you into a wave of healthy nutrition and physical activity. This is not just about funny stories from trainings and travel memories but also about superfoods and modern food supplements. This episode is perfect for every fan of healthy and delicious nutrition and also inspires collectors of culinary experiences. You will learn what food the Japanese find disgusting but also what the living caterpillar tastes like in the streets of Beijing. 

In his podcast, Dano Junas also mentioned various dietary supplements and his experiences with them while doing exercises. By the way, you will also find out what they made fun of during the trainings and how he adjusted his nutrition plan. He hasn't forgotten about superfoods and BoraTree supplements that he already got to like. Much better than reading about the podcast is to play it right away, so go for it: http://www.comedypodcast.sk/podcast/22/dano-junas-u-je-tu-zas (podcast is in Slovak language).

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