Get inspired by ideas on how to enjoy BoraTree blends in different ways. Breakfast smoothies to start a new day, protein bars after a sports performance, or pancakes and chocolate delicacies to relish without regrets – you will find all this and even more in our recipe blog. We regularly add new posts for you here.

Quick, easy and healthy! Start your day with this refreshing green super drink, whose nutrient-rich content will help you get though the hard days. Bio bora Reborn plays a direct role in it - it is a mix of 6 carefully selected ingredients in 100% organic quality.

17. 9. 2021

Are you tired of ordinary spreads? Try to prepare a super green pesto that will remind you of the Italian Alps and the sun-soaked coast.

2. 6. 2021

Are you a pancake lover? So are we! That is why we prepared a nutritional version for you, which will win you over not just thanks to its delicious taste, but also thanks to a composition that is beneficial for your body.

5. 2. 2021

Start your day with a unique green elixir that will support your vitality. Mix the unique blend of Bio bora Reborn  from barley grass, wheatgrass, moringa, chlorella and spirulina enriched with exotic lucuma with hints of caramel, with mango, kiwi and banana.

5. 2. 2021