Get inspired by ideas on how to enjoy BoraTree blends in different ways. Breakfast smoothies to start a new day, protein bars after a sports performance, or pancakes and chocolate delicacies to relish without regrets – you will find all this and even more in our recipe blog. We regularly add new posts for you here.

Christmas without fragrant vanilla, tasty cocoa, warm cinnamon and crunchy nuts? Can anyone imagine that? The most beautiful holidays of the year and tables full of goodies are simply inseparable. To make it easier to resist this sweet temptation, we dressed the oatmeal in a festive jacket and added a unique blend Bio bora Relish.

16. 12. 2021

When the last leaves of the trees fall off and nature is shrouded in snow, it is time to enjoy this cozy atmosphere from behind the window. So, wrap up in a blanket with your favourite book or watch a movie while enjoying a delicious cup of hot cocoa without remorse thanks to Bio bora Relish.

14. 12. 2021

Are you looking for a tip for a delicious breakfast or snack that will always feed you well? Crispy baked muesli with white yogurt is an excellent option for all who are looking for the right start to a new day. Vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, but also a fantastic taste will simply win you over.

16. 11. 2021

After months that were full of sun, rest and peace, it is time to prepare for the colourful autumn. With the arrival of cold mornings, it is necessary to treat ourselves to a hot breakfast in order to warm our body and mind.

17. 9. 2021

If you love the combination of chocolate and fruit flavours, you will simply love this dessert! It will make the moments when you want to take a break more pleasant, but you will also appreciate it as a nutritious reward after a demanding sports or work performance. One bowl will surely not be enough!

30. 7. 2021

These coconut-chocolate cubes are little treats you can enjoy with the whole family or visitors. Oatmeal and walnuts together with coconut milk form a solid foundation for the dough. However, the Bio bora Relish blend plays the important role here. It gives this dessert a delicious taste and nutritious natural ingredients. It is a natural source of vitamin C, fibre and other nutrients that have a beneficial effect on your body.

16. 4. 2021

Wake up your taste buds thanks to a delicious chocolate-raspberry smoothie with a nutritionally rich content. The preparation is very simple and you can do it in just a few minutes. In addition, when serving the smoothie, you can fully unleash your imagination.

5. 2. 2021

Do you believe in a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, but don’t want to give up your favorite chocolate delicacies? Neither do we! That is why we have prepared this recipe for you, in which the ingredients of Bio bora Relish play the main role.

5. 2. 2021

Whether you just want to enjoy something sweet or impress your visit, don’t hesitate and prepare this chocolate dessert. If you can’t give up the sweet temptations and, at the same time, want to treat your body to 14 nutritious superfoods, Choco Bites are the perfect choice. 

5. 2. 2021