Lucia Javorčeková

To be honest, I can't imagine my life without engaging in sports. I exercise regularly, I go running and when I have time, I really like to go somewhere on a bike. But working out without adequate nutrition is only half of the puzzle of a healthy lifestyle that I profess.

Therefore, I try to pay maximum attention to my diet, while I focus on the quality and origin of food. Right after the workout, I like to mix my favourite smoothie with Bio bora Recover protein, which is full of protein, tastes great and gives the muscles everything they need.

But healthy eating does not mean that I must avoid delicious tastes. If I want to treat myself to something tasty and healthy as a dessert, I prepare Bio bora Relish with milk and banana. It is therefore possible to have a sweet tooth without using artificial sweeteners or flavourings. Healthy eating supports me even in job strain.After a busy day full of modelling, meetings and other work responsibilities, I like to reach for a smoothie with Bio bora Refresh which is rich in vitamin C and dietary fibre. Moreover, I do something for my appearance, because a sufficient supply of vitamins and antioxidants has visible effects on my hair and skin. A pure evidence of the fact that internal balance is always visible externally.

Lucia Javorčeková – bio

Model Lucia Javorčeková can enchant a wide audience at any time. After all, more than 2 million followers on Instagram are the best proof of that. World-class model from Slovakia? Yes, that's exactly what Lucia is in one sentence. But that's not all. Her outward beauty is far from the only thing that will win you over. In addition to physical beauty, she attracts with her kindness, character and responsibility, whether towards herself or her surroundings. Although she works outside Slovakia, she has never forgotten her homeland and likes to come back whenever possible. Slovaks can be justifiably proud of Lucia. 

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