MUDr. Veronika Babic

am a founder of Inštitút zdravia and I focus on health optimization, prevention and natural treatment of illnesses, functional medicine and aging prevention. Functional medicine focuses on revealing of primary causes of illnesses and treatment of these causes by natural means, using influence on physiological processes on cellular, molecular, and biochemical level of human body.

Besides individual medicine practice, I am dedicated to educating the public through Inštitút zdravia, publication of educational articles and creation of Zdravý podcast. In addition, as part of the Inštitút zdravia, I am developing an online educational platform focused on health optimization, prevention and natural treatment of illnesses, functional medicine and aging prevention.

Superfoods and phytochemicals in plant-based foods are a valuable source of substances crucial for human health. Functional medicine itself uses many substances, present in foods, as treatment modalities substituting pharmaceutical drugs. Healthy lifestyle and healthy diet are the most important factors through which we are able to influence the development of a disease and premature aging of our body.

Regular consumption of healthy foods, especially superfoods, is the most important part in illness prevention, its treatment, aging prevention, and reaching low biological age (the real age of our cells, different from the chronological age determined based on a birth date).

Healthy diet and daily intake of effective, plant-based phytochemicals in the form of superfoods, are a key factor for restoring health of the gut microbiome that represents more than 80% of human body immunity.

Products from are great since they always contain a combination of different superfoods. This is very important for achieving a health effect at the body level, because combinations of several superfoods increase the effect of individual superfoods via the synergic effect. Moreover, regular intake of superfoods in the form of mixtures is far easier than daily intake of several dietary supplements.

It is important to note that pharmaceutical vitamins and minerals are not as effective as vitamins and minerals from a plant-based diet, primarily because of its artificial pharmaceutical origin. In addition to that, they also chronically interfere with the health of our gut microbiome; thereby they are contra-productive and disrupt the overall health of our bodies. Vitamins and minerals from food are much better, more effective, and more natural sources. The highest vitamin and mineral content is found mainly in superfoods.

Furthermore, many superfoods act as natural probiotics; therefore, they support the health of the gut microbiome and also work as substances that can eliminate toxins from the body. These superfoods are mainly the green ones, such as chlorella and spirulina.

Many superfoods are also a source of chlorophyl needed for human health and act as a valuable source of many different antioxidants.

I took an instant liking to products and I recommend them to every person who thrives on supporting their health. Healthy and quality diet is the basis. However, nowadays, fruit and vegetables do not contain such a high number of vitamins and minerals as they did in the past; therefore, it is advisable to supplement their intake by use of superfoods. Thanks to the simplicity of their use and high-quality ingredients, using superfoods will easily become your regular health habit.