With healthy food to a healthy body and spirit

“Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful,“ a confident quote once made by the beautiful Italian actress Sophia Loren. And she was right, charm goes hand in hand with self-perception. But how do you get the confidence you need to feel truly beautiful? The starting point is harmony and balance - because what you give your body will pay you back twice as much. Simply put, the appearance and our personal feeling, like the mirror, uncompromisingly reflect what is hidden inside

One of the keys to get a properly functioning body is a healthy diet, because what we give to our body affects the condition of internal organs, skin appearance, but also the quality of hair and nails. However, compiling an ideal and balanced menu in such a way that it includes all the important vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other substances is relatively difficult and time consuming. That is why high-quality natural food supplements are gaining more and more attention, as they provide the body with everything that benefits it to an optimal extent.

So, what specific ingredients in supplements need to focus on in order to be of real benefit to the human body? We should mainly look for those that are made from purely plant raw materials in 100% BIO quality. On the other hand, those with genetically modified organisms, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavourings and preservatives should be omitted. BoraTree products meet all these demanding criteria.

And what nutrients should we not neglect? There are a number of them, but today we will focus on those that hide under less common terms:


Substances that occur naturally in a wide range of plant-based foods. After all, their name originates in Greek, where the word “phyto” means plant. They help protect them from bacteria and fungal diseases, and therefore these properties are also utilized in the food industry. They affect the nutrition and growth of plants and they also protect them from various cellular diseases. Phytonutrients are known for their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, they can beneficially support the proper functioning of the body and their molecules are attributed the ability to neutralize free radicals. The source of these biologically active substances is, for example, cranberry or blueberry – it is contained in the product Bio bora Revive, and other berries, quinoa, nuts, legumes, whole grains, seeds and many other foods.

Flavonoids (also anthocyanins)

The second name consists of two (again) Greek words: “ánthos” (flower) and “kyáneos” (dark-blue enamel). They are natural pigments that occur naturally in plants and that give them red, purple and blue. We can find them, for instance, in plums, blackberries, blackcurrants or red cabbage. A valuable property of flavonoids is the binding of free radicals, which play an essential role in the aging process. Flavonoids provide plants with protection from the sun and can, for example, can also prevent grapes from becoming mouldy. In general, it is a very safe food, and humanity has included it in its diet for thousands of years. 

The main representative of flavonoids is quercetin, another of the strong antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects. It is often sought after to help strengthen immunity and regulate blood pressure or to support the body in the fight against viral diseases. Read more about its advantages, information can be found, for example, in the Bio bora Supreme Fusion product package. Antioxidants also have a positive effect on regeneration, protection of the eyes and skin. Researchers believe that quercetin acts on a substance that promotes the breakdown of fats. 

Another flavonoid, more specifically flavanol, called kaempferol, is also important for a healthy body. Its sources are, among others, berries, yellow onions, chard, Chinese cabbage, cabbage or tomatoes. Kaempferol can contribute to the healthy appearance of our body, its effective regeneration and physical fitness.

As already mentioned, the life power of the body comes from within. Inappropriate eating habits, low nutrient intake, insufficient drinking regime and other factors accelerate the aging process. In order for the human body to function properly and for a long time, it is simply important to try to fully understand and respect its needs. The time and energy we devote to this will then return to us many times over. We started this article with a quote and we end with a quote as well.

Let us remember that not only lifestyle but also “Health and cheerfulness make beauty,” as the Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes once wrote.